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Move Fast, Clean & Professional | Apartment Moving in Dubai

For those who are moving out of or into a rental, there are a few additional details in play from your standard home move. Thankfully, our professional moving teams are ready to get the job done and up to the challenge of a few stairs!

With more than three decades of moving experience under our belts, we’ve seen it all when it comes to moving apartment rentals. These facilities often have strict rules and regulations to follow, and our professional moving teams are trained to ensure your move is a breeze.

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Time and money are at a premium when completing a rental move, and our moving teams know how to save you both.

  • Our understanding of the regulations for rental properties allows us to navigate the move with precision and safety. We pad wrap all doors and walls and protect elevators while moving your belongings, which helps eliminate property damage so you can get your security deposit back.
  • Hiring CLEAN FINISHERS to complete your rental move also allows you to stay in your location longer because hiring our professional moving teams makes it a quicker process than doing it yourself. This allows you to focus on other important tasks like cleaning and packing.

Fast Moving — Apartment, Condo or Home

CleanFinisher’s moves are trending, and it takes a different set of moving tools to make them run smoothly. Whether you’re looking for apartment movers — or moving a townhouse, condo, or 1-2 bedroom home — this program is designed to get your belongings moved safely and on your moving schedule.

You choose the exact days that moving crews will arrive at your current home and your new home. We work around your schedule. Equally important, you move in days, not weeks, this makes for better planning. Everything about this program is designed for your convenience.

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Clean Finishers

CleanFinishers.com | Best Relocation Services Dubai‎

As a moving company in Dubai, we care about our customers and try our best for providing numerous moving related services that include self-storage services, fair and exhibition services. We are one of the fewest moving companies in Dubai that use 3-ton closed truck to ensure total safety of your items during the transition across the city. Our service structure is designed in a way that you find transparency and accountability in your moving job from start to the end of the service.

Make Your Move Easy & Stress-free at CleanFinishers.com

CleanFinishers – a moving services provider company in Dubai – is known for providing quality moving services with exceptional service quality and trained moving crew in the region. We believe in proposing working solutions to resolve your moving problems and help you remove the obstacles that you’re likely to face during the move from your old apartment to the new address.

One of our primary services includes the local moving that is specifically designed to reduce the stressful events of your journey when you select us as your moving partner. We help you in planning, executing and completing the local moving in Dubai in an easy and efficient way. We provide our full support to you in managing the packing, securing and transiting your items from one place to another by using the safest moving procedures.